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4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Strategic Plan

We are ALL for creative chaos over here (HELLLO Wild Flowers & CHAOS), but more often than not there has to be some hefty organization and coordination to that chaos.

A "Strategic Chaos", if you will.

Here are our top four reasons why having a strategic plan will benefit your small business and it's long term growth:

No.01 You cannot grow in the right direction without any direction. Otherwise where the heck are ya going babes?! If you are a small business owner, chances are you have some pretty amazing ideas floating around in your brain that you WANT to execute, but don't know how, when, why, how, or where to even start. Right? Well, this is why having a solid strategic plan helps you decide which of those creative projects are top priority. Even more importantly it helps you determine which of those creative projects you are actually ready for. What's the point of having a big idea with the wrong time to PROPERLY create and launch?

"But once I have a strategic plan I cannot change it!"

YES YOU CAN! You can do whatever you want, it is your strategic plan. There is always a backup plan or two that gives you some flexibility (if you've set up your strategic plan the right way!) Even if you wrote THE best strategic plan you've ever written in your entire life, you need to be ready to adjust if need-be. As a small business owner there are a lot of unknown variables that pop up in your business and personal life that directly affect your business operations - and that is OKAY. Having a flexible enough strategic plan will keep you on track, without making you feel like you aren't hitting goals.

No.02 Tracking your small business activities helps you plan, project, and adapt to what your business needs in order to keep growing! Knowing exactly what works and what doesn't is KEY to sustainable growth through every quarter! The more metrics and results you see laid out in front of you, the easier it will be to make those important (and sometimes costly) decisions. Your strategic plan is a great way to also understand how efficient your activities have been! It gives you insight into things like deadline and project completion versus the projected time, the number of goals you met during the quarter, and truly so much more.

No.03 R-E-S-P-E-C-T yourself and your small business! Creativity is fast and chaotic, but the way it is presented to your target audience should NOT feel that way! Having a strategic plan keeps you accountable to yourself, your small business, AND your target audience. What do you want to offer that has value and continues to have value? Think of it this way: your strategic plan will help you to continuously provide value to your target audience, while you continue working on other bomba** projects for your long term growth!

No.04 Your strategic plan puts you back on track when you're feeling UNINSPIRED or STUCK! We can't be turned on all of the time, it is literally impossible no matter how hard you try (p.s. there is a science behind this as well ladies!) Think of your strategic plan as a "regroup" for when you need a quick reminder of your business goals and projects! Get inspired by your business again by LOOKING FORWARD and creating tasks around things that make you excited for your business activity. Your strategic plan doesn't have to be a boring document. Brand it and make it you! Print it out, hang it in your space, or keep it in an easy to access digital space.

We're hoping this left you inspired to create your very own strategic plan!

If you don't really know where to start, we'd be happy to help!

Be inspired,

Sadiee & Lola

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